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Locate : Anything , Anyone , Any time , Anywhere .Use our tracking solutions & stay safe and connected with your loved one's.

Do you face these questions everyday:

Where are you ?

Where have you reached ?

Where are my kids ?

Where are my family members ?

Where are my friends ?

Where is this place located ?

LOCATE gps tracking solution has an answer for all your above queries. It’s your personal safety & private social network, where you connect, chat & engage in real time, with only few important people who are close to your heart. Locate makes navigating your world faster, smarter & easier.

Locate Family tracker app is a high end friends and family finder app which helps you to track your friends and relatives who have a GPS powered mobile phone, based on you cellphone network tower & WiFi. With Locate app, you no longer have to worry about your daughter when she is out late nights, as long as she has a smartphone with this family locator app installed. Even in rains or storms, earthquakes or similar SOS situation, locate is your vigilante as long as you possess GPS on your cellphone. Make your smartphone a tool to safeguard your family's

Locate Offerings :-

★ Group Chat & Messaging(Instant messaging) :

Create your private group adding people who are your well wisher and start using locate’s instant messaging chat services. Your group empowers you to remain in touch & share your whereabouts instantly. Its very useful when any body wants to get something to be picked from any particular location, he/she can immediately log in to locate anyone of the group members, chat with him to pick that things while commuting back.

★ One to One Chat (Personal chat)

Have personal 1-2-1 chat with your group member & engage with them in real time

★ Add Places (Geo-Stickers/ Geo-Fencing)

Locate GPS tracker brings this awesome utility where you create a Geo-fences around important places like school, office & home where you get an alert whenever someone from your family circle leaves or enters those place

★ Real time GPS Tracking:

Track your loved one’s in real time by Locate’s live tracking feature.

★ “WRU” Where are you , Location query (for feature phones/Off-line tracking):

Simply send one SMS with message "WRU" to the people who authorized you to track them on demand , & the SMS with his/her current address and latitude-longitude will be messaged back to the feature phone user.

★ Panic Button for Kids & Women safety (Use Phone's Power Button):

Empower your Power Button in emergency situation with Locate. All you have to do is Press the Power button 5 or 7 times (user's choice) to send SOS SMS & Call to your customized emergency contact list. It works even when application is offline or inactive.

★ Group/Team Tracking

Wish to track your family members or a friend circle, or sales team no Problem! With Locate you can see exact location of each other. In case of SOS emergency , this tool can be your Distress call . You can also get instant help from your group members through group messaging.

★ Find route to family,friends & places

Search, connect & navigate to your friends through detailed route information

★ SOS Search(Find Nearby places in your vicinity) :

Search Nearby Hospitals, ATM, Banks, Petrol Pump, Hotels, Police Station, Railways Station, Airport etc in case of emergency . Now your child or loved one’s will never feel lost as locate’s place finder tool keeps you informed

★ Location Sharing & Place Check-in -

Share your current location with your well wishers . Hanging out at some cool place and wants to update it to your loved one's, Go check-in your location and broadcast it instantly with your family and friends.

★ Geocaching(location time-line)

Locate keeps a record or your day to day movements and organizes it beautifully

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Good App Guaranteed!

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